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Posted: 05/19/2017
Company name: Tesla
Company Website:
Job Title: Vehicle Data Science Engineer
Term: Entry +
Degree: Graduate
Major: Data-Science
Industry: Electric Vehicle
Location CA North
Description A data science engineer uses predictive modeling, statistics, data mining, and other analysis techniques to extract insights from structured and unstructured data. Assists business with inferences and observations by finding patterns and relationships in data. As a data science engineer, you will design, refine and create innovative analyses by leveraging large and complex data sources. Derive actions, deliver dynamic and intuitive decision tools by bringing data to life via innovative visualizations. 

The ideal candidate is self-driven, excited to learn new technologies and interested in solving challenging problems. This candidate also has a broad set of analytical tools, with a strong passion for data and effective visualization techniques. 

  • Design and implement analytics and reporting tools to support key business decisions
  • Determine root cause to improve throughput by analyzing big data and complex data for patterns
  • Develop algorithms and applications to apply mathematics to data; translate data into intelligence to solve a variety of business problems and determine optimal business strategies
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify optimal solutions using operations research and answering business questions where analytics can be most impactful
  • Drive all aspects of analysis including data acquisition and manipulation, programming, data visualization, documentation, and presentation of results.
  • Lead cross-functional teams of engineers, technicians, logistics, and service to improve tools for data gathering and analysis.
  • B.S/M.S. in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Operations Research, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, or Information Systems or equivalent expertise
  • 2+ years of related work preferred
  • Fluency in SQL for data access, manipulation, and validation. R or SAS for data analysis. Scripting languages: Python, Perl, Java, C/C++
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills; knowledge of statistical methodologies and passionate for data visualization – proficiency in Tableau preferred
  • Experience working with large data sets