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Tips: Informational Interviews #2

Tuesday, September 22, 2015



 Finding and requesting Informational Interviews.  After you have identified specific industries, companies and roles you are interested in (takes a lot work), most folks go to Linkedin and do a "company search" to find companies they are targeting.  On linkedin, they select employees at that company who (1) are in roles they are interested in and (2) are recent grads (graduated in last few years).  Job titles and pics tell you who graduated recently (e.g., skip VPs, CEOs, etc.) Finding someone from your school, if possible, really helps, too. 

The next step is to send an email asking for the interview; often you will need to send a Linkedin Inmail. Develop a standard email pitch template which you can (and must) customize to fit each company/person. A template example is attached. Key structural points in the email are:

  1. Keep it short, several sentences 
  2. Don't write forever about yourself, selling how awesome you are.  Shine the light on the prospective interviewee, on his/her story
  3. Personalize the damn template email.  Say something about the specific company and person (e.g., their job title).
  4. Be clear that you are not asking for a job, but rather for insight
  5. Provide your phone and email contact information
  6. Talk about their schedule & availability; not yours
  7. The tone of your email should ooze passion and humility (you so want to get in, but you know how hard it’s going to be)
  8. In the next article, we’ll go over how to prepare for and handle the informational interview.


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