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Labor supply exceeds demand, so let's make this as easy as 1, 2, 3.



1. We will post your job: 

Email us your job description:   a link or an attachment, whatever is easiest for you;

We will post it, subject to your review and approval;


2. Post your own job: 

This takes more of your time, but you gain control. 

You need to join Dayaway for this option.


3. Your job must meet these requirements:

- alternative energy as defined below

-requires a university undergraduate or graduate degree (in process for internships)

- <1 year of experience for a BS/BA; <3 years of experience for MS/MBA (let's discuss PhD positions)

- we love all 2012 summer internships that build good basic experience

Dayaway's definition of alternative energy:

  • core sectors:  wind, solar, biofuel, biomass, CHP, geothermal, fuel cell, hydroelectric, wave, tidal
  • collateral sectors:  smart grid, carbon management, efficiency, battery storage, EV
  • pure-play and divisional focus

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Some answers to common questions are:

There is no charge--to you or the students.

All communication is between you and your applicants.

Your position will stay listed for 30 days unless you tell us to discontinue it sooner.

Our site gets a lot of hits (about a half million per year), and we target elite students (graduate students and 3.0+ GPA undergraduates) from leading universities.

I would be happy to work directly with you, without charge, to search for a specific profile.

My references are listed on Linkedin.

We don't accept advertising or charitable donations (we're 100% endowed and independent)

Check out About for more on our vision and historical track record.


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Why Not.  There are some spectacular young men and women who want to get into alternative energy.  Many will fail.  They will succeed elsewhere, but alternative energy's talent pool misses out.

The economy and struggling industry explains some of this.  But, the lack of visibility and connections will defeat many students interested in the industry.  I am trying to change this.  I am making it easy and free, too.  Why not give Dayaway and them a chance.  Thanks.  mb

Send me an email ( with your information or with questions you have.


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