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Iowa State Center for Biorenewable Chemicals

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home_IA State CBiRC logo.jpgThis article prepared by:  Jordan Baker, The Johns Hopkins University

Iowa State University Center for Biorenewable Chemicals,

Part of US National Science Foundation (NSF) research

Location:  Ames, Iowa

Mission:The Center for Biorenewable Chemicals (CBiRC) works to develop the tools, components and materials needed to transform carbohydrate feedstocks into bio-based chemicals. Examples of their strategic goals are:

  • Transform the chemical industry through the optimized coupling of biocatalyst and a chemical catalyst to produce a bio-renewable chemical
  • Develop knowledge and the academic-industrial partnership necessary to create a renewable resource based industry
  • Teach others to use and advance this technology (see full mission)

 Educational Programs  Cool Research

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CBiRC Offers Educational Opportunities For:

Biorenewable Chemicals Graduate minor

Summer Research Experience

Research experience for high school teachers

General Overview of Educational Programs

IA State biomass diagram 450 338.jpg The CBiRC focuses its research on three interconnected segments:

Biocatalysis, Enzyme, and Microbial Engineering: This segment focuses biocatalysis efforts on fatty acid and polyketide biosynthetic pathways to enhance microbial production.

Chemical Catalysis and Catalyst Engineering: This segment of research entails coupling chemical catalysts and biocatalysts, which explores fatty acid and polyketide-based platform chemicals.

Testbed and Life Cycle Assessment: This segment allows for concepts and products to be tested for the proof-of-concept necessary for production.

More Research

Our Favorite Find:  Basak Cinlar awarded GWC Prize for Outstanding Student Achievement in Biorenewables

IA State GWC Student Award.jpg

Basak Cinlar, who just received her doctoral degree in chemical engineering with a minor in biorenewable resources and technology, won the GWC Student award in Biorenewables for her work in developing a comprehensive strategy for examining carbohydrate dehydration, which allowed her to develop a high yield process for converting glucose to other chemicals in an aqueous system.  The award was established as a memorial to the original vision of George Washington Carver who pioneered the creation and commercialization of sustainable biobased products from renewable agricultural feedstocks. See full story

Other Helpful Links:  Director Contacts, Faculty and Staff, Partnering Institutions, Partnering Engineering Research Centers, Innovation Partners, Industrial Partners and Industry Internships & Jobs

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