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Does Science Knowledge Influence People's Views on Climate Change and Energy? 

Answers from PEW Research Center


Many in the scientific community believe that if the American public were more informed about the science behind climate change and energy issues, people would believe scientific experts. But that may not be true.  

Experts See Clear Skies for Oil,

But Should You Trust Them?


Shale drilling may have turned from an art form into a science, but forecasting the future of oil prices certainly has not. In this original article, Irina Slav critiques the expert analysis of the commodity.


The Full Cost of Electricity (FCe-)

Research from UT-Austin's Energy Institute


This article examines the direct and indirect costs of electric power generation and delivery, from power plant to wall socket. People pay for electricity directly, but they also pay in other ways.


This levelized analysis of the cost of energy assigns a dollar amount to values. But, this approach admittedly has its controversies....




Clean Energy's Dirty Secret

Wind and solar power are disrupting electricity systems


The American Energy Society asked for and received permission to reprint from The Economist because this classic article examines the advantages of alternative and renewable forms of energy ... and the disadvantages that are becoming more problematic the more successful clean energy becomes. 



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