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In this issue (vol. 5;1) AES recommends ...




The Arc of Innovation;

Patent Trends in the Oil and Gas Industry


by Deloitte                     



Patenting Invention;

Clean energy innovation trends and priorities


by Brookings Institution


If patents reveal where innovation is going - a proverbial window to the future - these two articles about patent trends in oil and gas and in cleantech reveal the future of energy today.


(Note: Individually thoughtful and meticulously researched, the sum of these articles is greater than the parts.)




Pulling Fuel Out of Thin Air


by ASU’s Center for Negative Carbon Emissions


What exactly does it mean to pull fuel from air, and more importantly, how?  (An added bonus: the researchers at Arizona State University who "pulled fuel from the air" have also helped close the carbon cycle.) 


(Editor's note: for more on the carbon cycle, please see a summary of the Congressional Briefing on Carbon Capture, hosted by the American Energy Society




How Blockchains Are

Transforming the Energy Sector


The critical tools and bureaucracies that manage the energy sector have not kept up with the world's voracious appetite for more and more energy. The way that energy is distributed, transmitted, regulated, compensated, and administrated has to change. Blockchain could be the solution.


This article is a case study of "blockchain" as the solution that cures many of the problems that affect solar power.


(Editor's note: for background on blockchain, please see featured publications available through AES.)

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