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Nuvera, Fuel Cell

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Nuvera Fuel Cells is one of Dayaway's top 100 companies with the best track record for offering jobs to graduating/interning university students


Article written by Cathy Chukwulebe, University of Notre Dame

Location: Billerica, MA

Employees:  50 - 200 employees (source: LinkedIn), private

Degrees sought: Engineering/science multiple

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Jobs page


Sector:  Fuel  Cell (defined below)

 Similar sector companies: Fuel Cell Today, UTC Power, Plugpower, Ballard, Bloom Energy, and FuelCell Energy

Hired from: Northeastern University, Wentworth Institute of Technology, University of Massachusetts – Lowell, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (defined below)

What They Do And What You Could Do For Them


Several sentences, from Nuvera's website, describing what they do:  “Nuvera's mission is to create and develop innovative clean energy technology solutions, to design and develop power systems focused on customer needs, and to manufacture, market, and service power system products delivering superior value to customers. As more industries adopt hydrogen fuel cells as the energy technology of choice, Nuvera is positioned as a leading provider of advanced technology solutions.”

Examples of jobs offered by Nuvera: (defined below)

Manufacturing / Quality Engineer (MS Mechanical Engineering, 2011)

Electrochemical Engineer (Ph.D Mechanical Engineering, 2010)

Process Test Engineer (MS Energy Systems, 2011)

Supplier Development Engineer (MS  Industrial & Systems Engineering, 2010)


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