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Dayaway Interactive

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We're picking 12 campuses to host an Interactive event this coming fall, winter and spring.  Is your club interested? 

Here's how it works . . .


Dayaway provides the panelists and webinar platform--for free!  Panelists - recent grads working at cool cleantech companies like Invenergy, Tesla, SunEdison and EDP Renewables - are streamed in live via webinar.  Students ask questions from the meeting room.  Your club members will enjoy a fast-paced, friendly and frank personal conversation about what these early stage professionals do in clean energy and how they got the job.  It's like talking to a good friend or older brother/sister who's doing what you want to do.  It's more genuine than a career fair, more interactive than a presentation.  We don't save room for questions at the end.  We only do questions.

Each webinar event will be viewed online by students from other clubs hosting future/past Interactive events.  Dayaway Interactive has been hosted at Princeton, Rochester, Penn State and Northwestern; Wisconsin & Michigan being scheduled.


Here's what Panelists, Organizers and Attendees say about Interactive:


"Great way to hear from clean energy companies that don't come to campus," Attendee "Very cool being able to talk with people our age and ask questions we never could have asked at a career fair." Attendee "The quality of the panelists was excellent and they were handed to us by Dayaway."  Club Officer  
"Really, really good way to showcase our club."  Club Officer "I enjoyed being the helpful voice I looked for when I was a student."  Panelist "Giving back as a panelist made me realize we're all an expert to someone."  Panelist  


We're bringing together panelists and clubs from the schools & companies like  . . .


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Student clubs may want to talk to different types of panels, for example, an "all engineer" panel representing different RE industries versus a professional diverse panel employed in solar or bioenergy.  Dayaway will work with you to shape an event good for your club.   The "episodes" listed below should give you some ideas:


Event Theme Target Audience Potential Panelists
Working in sustainable energy & energy efficiency consulting BS/MS  Navigant, IHS, ICF, IBM, DNV, Lux, Nexant
Private equity for cleantech startups MBA/MS  Summit, Bridgewater, Merrill Lynch, GE
Mechanical and civil engineers in AltE  BS/MS ME/CE  many possibilities from many sectors
Corporate recruiters unplugged  all  CPS, Schneider, Major Lindsey, Accenture,
Roles for environmental science/engineering & econ majors  BS  FERC, DOE, SREC Trade, Navigant
MBAs in RE roles at utilities & power providers  MBA  Exelon, Nextera, PGE, EDP, EDF
Best BS/BA internships to get into cleantech BS freshman - juniors  many possibilities from many sectors
Working in bioenergy BS/MS biology/chem  Algenol, Amyris, Synthetic Genomics, LanzaTech
MBAs with STEM BS degrees working in cleantech MBAs & BS  Stion, Nextera, PGE, ABB,
Working in smart-grid BS/MS computer science/EE  Opower, Enernoc, SilverSpring, Siemens, Xcel
Electric Vehicles, battery storage and charging careers BS/MS EE, ChemE  Tesla, ChargePoint, Schneider, Panasonic
Working as a financial or business analyst in RE BS finance & quantitative   many possibilities from many sectors
Americans getting a MSc in RE abroad BS all  IRELP, Invenergy, Framework,
Working at an NGO all  ELPC, Sierra Club, Spark Clean Energy, ACORE

Your Next Steps

So, if you want to host an event, or maybe just find out what's involved, here's what you need to know and do:

  1. Your skin in the game.  Your club will need to do some serious event planning & outreach work.  We will select host sites based on your ability to prove that you're able to do this.  But even here, we will provide excellent support to make sure you're successful.
  2. Dates, dates, dates.   Dayaway has 3 more events scheduled for November & December 2014.  We're looking for 2015 host sites.  We're already in discussion with several clubs.  So, get in touch with me ASAP so we can discuss your club's interests, questions and qualifications.  Just email me, Mike Brownell, at
  3. Costs.  We can do an event without any cost to you (beyond your internal expenses) if the event is moderated remotely by Dayaway from Chicago.  For $500, I will come to your school and moderate the event in person (this is a lot more fun :).
  4. My references.  Since I will evaluate you, you should be able to do the same.  Below, you will find the names of early stage professionals whom you may contact directly to make sure that Dayaway and I are in fact who we say we are, and to ask any question you may have about Dayaway or me.  Transparency and legitimacy rules:
    Stephanie Pinnington, Professional Associate, International Renewable Energy Association,, Linkedin
    Alexander Dale, Executive Director, Engineers for a Sustainable World,, Linkedin
    Mark Silberg, Founder & Executive Director, Spark Clean Energy,, Linkedin