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Energy IQ Browsing

Monday, November 23, 2015



Employers look for entry-level hires who “understand the business, understand the industry.” The problem for a student is that this is the stuff you don’t learn in class. So, what to do? Browse smarter.

First, know what you are after. This industry knowledge, let’s call it Energy IQ for renewable energy, often is readily available little pieces of information, like: 

  • hot topics and issues,
  • names of thought leaders,
  • technology developments,
  • buzz words and jargon,
  • cost/profitability/growth statistics,
  • new patents,
  • policy debates, etc.

The common denominator here is money. Look for headlines that affect a RE company’s ability to make money.


Then, be strategic about the sites you browse, videos you watch and Linkedin companies you follow.  You probably don’t use twitter to get professional information, but you should; the short business headlines are perfect for your short attention span – ha. Set up RSS feeds. Archive content so you can retrieve it later before an interview. Read to build your Energy IQ.  

Two good things now will happen. First, you’ll make much better career decisions. Second, you’ll be able to “leak out” some of this Energy IQ during an interview and make the recruiter think, “hum, she’s surprisingly aware of what’s going on in our business.” Then, you can negotiate moving expenses


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