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Helping exceptional university students prepare for and find clean energy jobs.

Tips: Book, Reinventing Fire

Find about this terrific book, Reinventing Fire, by Amory Lovins and the Rocky Mountain Institute.


Companies Hiring: Novozymes

Novozymes has a terrific division focused on bioenergy, and they're hiring graduating/interning university students.


Friday, December 19, 2014

200+ December listings so far

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Post Grad: Rutgers IGERT

Check out the IGERT program focusing on nanotechnology for clean energy.


Your Major: ChemE BS

The past predicts the future. These old listings show you types of jobs you could get and should be looking for.


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Video: REC Solar & Farming

A beautiful 4 min video about how a progressive German fruit farmer invested in solar to power his business, fund his retirement and make a difference.


Companies Hiring: Nexant

Check out Nexant. They've got a great track record for hiring recent university graduates and interns into the smart grid sector.


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